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Framed print. Ready to hang. Size: W600mm x H915mm.


One of Aotearoa's cultural treasures, where the poi's are swung in rhythmical patterns and often synchronised in a group of dancers.


The pen is my favourite tool for drawing, though it’s not as forgiving as a pencil. The pencil gives the artist a second chance to correct the drawing.  With a pen, each line drawn is final and that is the motivating part for me. I have a habit of sketching and doodling with a pen since my high school days. On textbooks, notebooks and pretty much everywhere. I find it very handy and convenient. I have sketched my teachers, friends and everything that I see. I keep drawing on any kind of paper which is handy like serviettes, tissues etc. I enjoy this medium anywhere I go to keep drawing spontaneously.

The Poi Dancer - Framed Print

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