Smita Upadhye

Lifelong Artist

Hand to pencil & pencil to paintbrush. At Artismita we are focused on showing the world how artist Smita Upadhye sees the world from her studio in New Zealand. Almost 60, and still youthful through her creations.

It's time to add to the beauty our world has to offer. Smita paints, sculpts, designs and customises everything with her unique gift.

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My Journey

My teaching career started in 1980 as a lecturer at India’s renowned Sophia Polytechnic in Mumbai. I was the lead teacher/ lecturer for their 5 Year Commercial & Applied Art Diploma. Over those five years we covered subjects like nature, still life and life drawing. Since then I’ve been practising as an independent art tutor, which I continued after my move to Auckland, New Zealand almost 20 years ago. 

My Classes 

As a practising artist and an independent Art Tutor, I run classes for children and adults from my home studio on Sundays and Tuesdays. In addition, on Thursdays, I run drawing classes from start to finish at the Waitakere Art Studio located at the Corban Art Centre in Henderson. 

Beneficial Art 

Research shows that art activities boost brain capacity, in other words, art is great brain food! Art engages one’s senses in open-ended play develops cognitive, social, emotional and multi-sensory skills. As a result, it boosts concentration, observation, hand-eye coordination, patience and makes for a steady mind. Art helps relieve stress and functions as meditation, which has made it a popular choice as a healing process worldwide. Practising art regularly develops vital emotional intelligence, spiritual well-being, boosts self-esteem and feeds overall creativity at every age. 

My Expertise 

I teach comprehensive drawing techniques, beginning with fundamentals like basic line drawings, progressing through tonal rendering to detailed finished artworks in various dry and wet mediums of painting. I demonstrate and explain the importance of different drawing techniques, shapes, negative and positive spaces, understanding perspective, layouts, working with lights and shadows, all the way to specific, detailed elements of the subject. I work with each student on an individual basis, problem-solving with them to ensure each and every student completes each step successfully at their pace.