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*This canvas print is 2ft x 2ft. My white watermark will not exist on the print.


The One who rides the mouse. This Mushak (mouse) Vahan (Chariot) shows Lord Ganesh as extremely heavy charioteer riding on a mouse as signifies a unique combination of wisdom and intelligence. Lord Ganesh is so humble to ride the lowest creature like a mouse.The mouse is generally considered a destructive animal, which if not controlled at the right time can cause great damage to food and crop especially.


Philosophically, the mouse is a connotation of the human mind. Our mind is always full of desires and is often selfish, just like the mouse. The mouse is depicted as an obstacle that we create by negative thoughts and ill feelings. Also, our thoughts have great power, both positive as well as negative. Negative thoughts, if not controlled at the right time can be highly destructive.


Lord Ganesha sat on the mouse depicts the lord crushing all negativity when a devotee surrenders himself to the lord with full devotion. The mouse is usually depicted at Lord Ganesha’s feet. This symbolizes that Lord Ganesha is the ultimate power and under his control and blessings a steady mind would always be bowed down with humbleness.

Mushkavahana - Ganesha & his Mouse - Canvas Print

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