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Acrylic colours on canvas. Ready to hang. Size: W610mm x H460mm.


With everything going on in the world now more than ever, our leisure time is one to cherish. At its simplest, is the time spent admiring the fresh flowers on the coffee table, enjoying an orange or mandarin while relaxing in the garden or the undisputed comfort of butter on toast. The companions to these lifelong delights often go unnoticed but not unappreciated. Next time you are relaxing with your leisure companions, take the time to notice their contribution to your life's wholesome moments.


"I always find it challenging to paint still life in limited colours and in different techniques. Here I used old painting techniques; Verdigris and colours like red, gold, black and white. I have developed this old antique effect by layering shellac several times on acrylic shades and sanding them before each layering. I am happy to see the end result." Smita Upadhye, lifelong artist.

Leisure Staples - Original Painting

$800.00 Regular Price
$560.00Sale Price
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