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*This original painting is 2ft x 2ft. My white watermark will not exist on the painting.


The word ‘Lambodar’ is formed from ‘lamba’ (Large) and ‘udar’ (Belly).


Saint Eknath has explained the meaning of this word as – ‘The entire animate and inanimate creation dwells within you. Hence, you are called Lambodar’.


According to the Ganapatitantra, Deity Shiva played the damaru. Shri Ganapati grasped the knowledge of the Vedas through the deep sound of the damaru. He learnt dancing by watching the Tandavnrutya (Cosmic dance) of Shiva every day. He learnt music from the sound of the anklets of Paravati. He imbibed, meaning, he digested such varied knowledge, the good and the bad in his life; hence, his belly became large.


Yellow is the colour of knowledge and learning. When used with orange & red shows energy & power. 

Lambodar - Large Belly Ganesha - Canvas Print

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