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Acrylic on canvas. Ready to hang. Size: W510mm x H560mm


Winner of the 'All About Corbans ART Award' at the 2018 Waitakere Arts Exhibition.


An award-winning painting of our very own Soia Tatu, doing what she loves. Whenever I peep into Pacifica art centre at Corban, I find Pacifica mamas are busy knitting, weaving and creating artistic items. I like their colourful dresses with bold patterns and floral design weaved wreath as a headdress. Hence I wanted to capture one of the mamas on my canvas. She is mama Soia Tatu. I liked the way she is engrossed in her basket knitting. I found her total appearance very interesting to paint and so the background, it is a painting on the wall behind the bench where these mamas sit & work at Pacific Art Centre at Corban Art Centre.

Busy Hands - Original Painting

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