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Acrylic colours on canvas. Ready to hang. Size: W460mm x H460mm.


With the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 impacting the entire world, uncertainty and fear are widespread. In times of peril and pandemic, we must remind ourselves that the spirit of hope is as powerful as ever now. The Spirit of Hope captures how we can bring hold ourselves in strength and unity.


I always find it challenging to paint with a limited colour palette. It is very tricky to handle red as it is a bright, strong and striking colour. Here I tried to express different emotions and moods to showcase life in this painting as red is full of life… though there are a lava/volcano, dry/ dead leaves and branches, it represents no life but there is the dove, which represents hope. It is rising up to fly away with a new life. Remember, there is Life after disasters.

Spirit Of Hope - Original Painting

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