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Remember the Poppies - Original Painting

Smita's Creations

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Remember the Poppies - Original Painting

Poppies portray an array of amazingly vivid colours for their fragility. Their tall and delicate stems flow with the wind, changing their colours with every angle. Which is quite the challenge to paint.The petals have a soft crape paper texture which makes it even harder to capture. I achieved this effect with the use of tissue papers to create that relief effect. And the result is simple yet captivating.

*This is a limited edition, original, hand painted Smita's Creation in Acrylic Colours, diptych on canvas. Size of each canvas: 260mm x 260mm each. Framed with glass and ready to hang. My watermark does not exist on any of my paintings. Please ask me for a canvas print of this painting.

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