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Morning Dews - Original Painting

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Morning Dews - Original Painting

Mornings are so beautiful. I'm up early in the morning sipping on my tea by my verandah surrounded with my beautifully blossomed plants shimmering with morning due drops by the rising sun. I wanted to capture this sight in an abstract manner. The colours and articulation is based on how that morning sight made me feel. hence I tried mixing water colours and inks. I was very happy to see that transparent, luminous result, which then I further developed by adding textures & highlights. The interaction of the sun rays and water droplets was the only aspect I wanted to capture.

*This is a limited edition, original, hand painted Smita's Creation in Water Colours and Inks. Size: 590mm x 575mm. Framed with glass & Ready to hang. My watermark does not exist on any of my paintings. Please ask me for a canvas print of this painting.

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